Saturday, 25 March 2017

Pipalicious Necklace

Last year Prumihimo launched the innovative Prumihimo braiding disk. It got some very good reviews, so I thought I'd give it a go. For my first trial project using the disk I followed the Pipalicious tutorial, which came free with the disk. I used knotting cord instead of the satin cord the tutorial recommended, which was probably a bit on thin side. I was pleased with the result though and it was good enough to give to Mum as a birthday pressie.

The Prumihimo disk produces a braid that doesn't twist as it's made, so accent beads sit nice and flat at the side of the braid. There are loads of options for beads to use instead of the Pip beads, so I don't think this will be the last necklace I make using the disk.

Friday, 24 March 2017

Clank Cake

While Jen was at home over Christmas. she made a late birthday cake for Graeme. The cake was 2 months late, so it seems a appropriate that I am 2 months late posting a picture of it on my blog. The theme of the cake was Clank, the robot character from the Ratchet and Clank PlayStation game. As well as a very cute Clank figure included a couple of crates and bolts which are a key feature of game.

Sunday, 29 January 2017

Sashiko Needlework Cases

At the Festival of Quilts a couple of years ago, I picked up a Lynette Anderson pattern for a set of covers for a needlework case. The back cover was pieced hexagons and it gave me the idea to do a sashiko design. It took me a year to decide exactly what I wanted to do, which was a diagonal line of flowers on the front and hexagons on the back. I wanted to do two cases, one as a present and one for myself. To make them different, I decided to have cherry blossom on one case and plum blossom on the other.

I wanted to experiment with transferring designs using my Silhouette Cameo, so I put created the front design using the Silhouette Studio software. The blossom designs came from Susan Briscoe's Ultimate Sashiko Source book. I used a Frixion pen in the Cameo pen holder and it worked very well.

The hexagon design for the back was created using a graphics package, which I imported in Silhouette Studio. That didn't work so well, because the Silhouette Studio software added some extra lines when it did the import. However, it was good enough and because I had used a Frixion pen, I knew I would be able to iron off the extra lines later.

I managed to transfer the design the weekend before we flew off to Tenerife on holiday, so it spent  some very enjoyable hours stitching on our hotel balcony listening to the soundtrack to Hamilton. This is one of those projects that will have strong memories of where it was stitched.

For the sashiko stitching I used some silk thread I had bought from Kimonomomo at the Houston Quilt Festival. It was beautiful thread to use but I used up most of a spool on each case.

I used a circular need to attach the covers to the cases. The black cases I had bought at the Festival of Quilts worked well for the plum design but didn't work at all for the cherry design. Fortunately I managed to find a cream case which suited the blue thread much better. That means I now have a spare case. I just need to decide what I want to do with it - maybe bead embroidery.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Ski Chalet Cake

As it's still January, I think I can get away with sharing this year's ( or should I say last year's) Christmas cake. Jen was super busy at university up until the week before Christmas, so she didn't have a lot of time to plan the Christmas cake. As she's had such good results with the cake designs from Cakes and Sugarcraft magazine, I suggested she had a go at the Ski Season cake by Sherry Hostler in the December 2016 issue. As usual it was a great success. Jen modified the design a bit by putting a snowman next to the chalet rather than a fir tree. Over time he developed a bit of a lean, perhaps due a to a bit of apres ski!

Sunday, 1 January 2017

Honouring the Journey in 2017

I have decided that my mantra for 2017 will be "Honouring the Journey".  The idea for this mantra came from two sources. The most recent source was the film "Passengers", which we saw as a family on Christmas Eve. In the film Chris Pratt's character was given a piece of bartender wisdom that many people are so focused on their destination that they forget to enjoy getting there.

The other source was some management training I attended a couple of months ago, which covered the theory of growth mindsets developed by Carol Dweck of Stanford University. I won't try to explain it in detail because I'm in no way an expert. In principle, the theory says that intelligence can be developed and effort leads to success. One key aspect is that mistakes should celebrated and not feared because they are all part of the learning process. If you want to know more about growth mindsets there is a good video by Train Ugly here.

In the spirit of honouring the journey, here's a picture of the current progress on my latest piece of Japanese Embroidery. This is a JEC phase 4 design which focuses on goldwork.The red butterfly is the first of three. When it's finished the circle around the butterfly will be completely filled with gold circles and should look like hammered gold. It's very difficult to work on this under artificial light, so this piece is going to be a long journey.

Before I took the photo I turned the frame over so that I could tap the back to loosen any dust that had settled. We don't often look at the back of Japanese Embroidery, so it can be a complete surprise what the back looks like. It certainly was in this case. The path of the couching thread had created some interesting spiral patterns.

So in the year coming I will be doing my utmost to enjoy the journey and if not actually celebrating my mistakes, accepting them as part of the learning process. I would like to wish you all a creative 2017 and an enjoyable journey.

Saturday, 31 December 2016

Red and Gold Christmas Tree

My wish to have a red and gold Christmas tree was granted this year by our resident elves, Jen and Christina. The ornaments they selected included named tree stockings made by my friend Steph. Each year Steph comes up with a new design, sending them to numerous friends and family. Each stocking is filled with chocolates and candy. It's great undertaking as the number of stockings has grown significantly over the years. This years delivery were a set of cute snowmen with a lopsided hat.  You can read about her stocking production line on her blog.

The next set of ornaments are the Spellbound bead designs I've made up. This one is the Art Deco bauble.

This is the Net and Tassle bauble.I have a bit of a love and hate relationship with this particular bauble. I struggled to get a good fit on the net. As a result this bauble has a definite front and back because a piece of the red coating came off in the process.

Finally there is this red blob of beads, which I think is called Sputnik.

The reason I wanted a red and gold tree this tear was for this small redwork felt star I made last Christmas from "Stitched With Love" by Mandy Shaw.

The small star was one of a trio and over the Christmas period I also completed the medium and large stars to go with it.

Graeme also came up with some decoration ideas to make using with his CNC router. These reindeer were very cute and went down a storm with the friends who received them.

We still have 2 from the herd and Graeme found a the perfect place to display them.