Sunday, 2 July 2017

Small Gold Butterfly

The main project I'm working on at the moment is my phase 4 Japanese Embroidery piece - the Butterfly Panel. After finishing the circles around the red butterfly, there was a bit more variety for the large and small gold butterflies. The small gold butterfly is now finished and the large gold butterfly is coming along as well.  

All I have left to do now, is to surround the large gold butterfly with circles. As it will be a larger area than around the red butterfly, it is still likely to take me a fair few months more. Here's how the whole design looks so far.

Saturday, 1 July 2017

Wave Handbag - avoiding second side syndrome

I am continuing to work on the Wave Handbag from the JEC as a background project. In my last post I had completed the lines for the flap and back piece. I decided to invest in another JE frame so that I can work on the smaller front piece at the same time. By working on both pieces simultaneously,  I can make sure I have enough beads for the front and flap of the bag to match. It also means I'll avoid procrastinating finishing off the second side.