Saturday, 3 February 2018

Double Daggers Necklaces

I picked up some interesting two hole daggers during my last visit to Stitch 'n' Craft and made uo a couple of kumihimo necklaces as presents for friends, using the Doubles Daggers Necklace design from "The Prumihimo Disk" by Pru McRae. The dagger colours were opaque beige in the green and brown necklace, jet picasso in the black and blue necklace. The design is similar to the Blue Dagger Kumihimo Necklace but doesn't have seed beads on the other side of the cord. The second hole in the dagger beads allows additional seed bead embellishments between the daggers.

1 comment:

tpotty28 said...

Love the colours in these two necklaces. Amazing what you produce as a Japanese palette cleanser!