Sunday, 21 January 2018

Cedric the Dragon Bauble

It has been a very long time since my last post and I'm stretching it a bit doing a Christmas round up this late in January but here we go. Work has been super busy for the last 6 months and in the run up to Christmas, I wanted a fun project to maintain my sanity. I am fan of Spellbound Bead kits and their "Cedric the Dragon bauble" kept calling to me, until I finally gave in and placed an order at the beginning of December. 

Of course I couldn't just limit myself to 1 kit, so I ordered a couple more kits, Festive Beading Three and a selection of baubles for some other decorations I have in mind.

I finished Cedric just in time for Christmas. Cedric's position isn't quite right in my version. He should be sitting higher on the bauble but the way he's hanging on probably reflects my state of mind while I was making him!

Despite having a week's holiday from work, I didn't get as much time for stitching and beading as I hoped but I did manage to finish one of the beaded candy cane decorations. It's photographed here on a tree I bought in the sales a year ago. 

For a couple of years I have been thinking about having a tree specifically for my handmade beaded decorations, as  well as my collection of Swarovski decorations, many of which I've been given as presents over the years. I specifically picked a sparse tree, so that there was space for the baubles, which often have fringes or tassels. The tinsel was kept neutral, so that I can mix up the decoration colours as much as I want. It's very much a tree in progress at the moment and one of my goals before next Christmas is to make a tree skirt. 

This year, the colour scheme on our main tree was blue, silver and white. Even though I cropped this photo you can still see a pile of stuff hiding behind the tree. This is pertinent to my mantra/intention for 2018, which is to "Create a sacred space". As an introvert my personal space is important to me and having a cluttered environment gives me a sense of being out of control. My goal for this year is to do 1 thing every day to deal with the clutter. I can't say I've done a very good job of it so far but I'm not giving up just yet.

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tpotty28 said...

Cedric is fabulous. Even his expression has a look of "have I reached the top yet". He was obviously hoping for a smaller bauble to climb.

Brilliant idea to display your baubles on their own tree so they really stand out. I am impressed that you decorated two trees. This year our tree was a 12" tall ceramic one and we only lit the tealight twice.

Good luck with the clutter. I have decided it is worth persevering even if you don't feel you are reaching the goal. We need to be more forgiving and patient with ourselves. Baby steps.