Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Blue Dagger Kumihimo Necklace

I'm struggling to come up with a name for this necklace. The design is Pipalicious from Prumihimo but used daggers instead of pip beads. It is a short  necklace so it should sit as a collar. The daggers have a cool grid design and came from Stitch'n'Craft. This is a project that will bring back happy memories. It was my travel project on a trip to Japan earlier this year and pretty much all the braiding was done on the bullet train.


tpotty28 said...

Another gorgeous necklace. Very impressed by how flat the dagger beads lay. How about calling it Paualicious? The colour is similar to a paua and is also a shellfish (pipi in NZ is a small mussel).

It will provide both of us with fond memories mine of a birthday present made with care and love.

Wendy said...

this is gorgeous!! Is it hard to braid with the dagger beads?

Cath said...

The dagger beads took a bit of manoeuvring into position but they weren't too bad to braid with.