Thursday, 24 December 2015

Getting ready for Christmas

Over the last couple of years our daughters have put up the Christmas tree and decorated it. Usually that meant the tree was as colourful as the girls could make it. Every decoration they could find went on the tree. This year Jen decided the tree should have a colour theme and the chosen colours were purple, green and silver. I had a hunt through my beaded decorations and found a few that fitted the theme. This filigree crystal angel was kit from Bead Merchant and I think it is my favourite.

This angel, also a kit from Bead Merchant, was the first beaded decoration I made and was the one that got me hooked on beading.

There was even a place for the scary fairy, also a Bead Merchant creation.


I posted a picture of the Starry Night bauble, a Spellbound Beads kit, a couple of years ago but it looks so much better in its natural habitat on the Christmas tree.

The second Spellbound Beads kit is the Emperor bauble which I made about two years ago.

Last but not least there's the angel who sits demurely at the top of the tree. I must have made her about 15 years ago. I think she looks a little sad perhaps I'll have a go at cheering her up for next Christmas.

This year I haven't got a lot of festive stitching done because I have been concentrating on bigger projects. I've also been distracted by a new toy, a Silhouette Cameo, which was a birthday present. I made this vinyl window sticker using the Cameo. It was a design I bought from SAS Creative Designs on Etsy. It was quick to make but "weeding" out the unwanted vinyl took a bit of patience and an ultra fine pointed pair of tweezers, especially in the pine cones.

Finally here is the Christmas stitching I did manage to do - a felt redwork star. The design is from "Stitch with Love" by Mandy Shaw. I used the Cameo to transfer the design to the felt and once I'd done that, stitching it was a breeze. Unfortunately it doesn't fit this year's colour theme. Perhaps I should make a bid for a red and gold scheme next year!


Wendy said...

Such beautiful decorations! Have a wonderful christmas x

Createology said...

These are very lovely beaded ornaments and your tree looks beautiful in its color theme. I adore your simple Chriistmas Holly Stitched Star. Merry Christmas...