Friday, 26 July 2013

Two Bracelets

I bought 2 kits from Riverside Beads at the Farnborough Make-It Show earlier this year. The first  was a macramé bracelet using shamballa style beads. I have been curious about these bracelets for a while and wanted to try making one myself. It was very quick to make and my curiosity is now satisfied.

The second kit was beaded kumihimo bracelet. I had a failed attempt at beaded kumihimo last year. The problem was that the beads and cord I'd used were not a good size match and the result was very loose. The kit from Riverside Beads used size 8 beads and fine macramé cord and I was pleased with the result this time. The bracelet is actually a bit long and I doubt I'll ever wear it but it has got me started. Since finishing the bracelet I have made a necklace also using size 8 beads and for the next project I'm planning to try size 11 beads for a finer rope.

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