Thursday, 14 February 2013

Happy Valentine's Day


I've been following the "Modern Piping" course on Craftsy and wanted an opportunity to practice piping royal icing. I needed an intricate line design, so a quilting pattern seemed a good idea and with Valentine's day just around the corner, it had to be a feathered heart. I found the design on the Quilt Rat blog.  The icing mix was  a little thick and like free motion quilting, it's going to take some pratice to improve. The family didn't complain though - I finished icing the cake on Sunday amd the last piece disappeared yesterday!


Quilt Rat said... cool is this? LOVE the way you used the design......something tells me this is even trickier than thread. :-)

Graeme Wilson said...

Well - if you had let us have larger pieces of the cake it would have been eaten even faster. More please !!