Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Hari-kuyo Needlebook

Over Christmas week I managed to find 30 minutes to finish off the Hari-kuyo Needlebook from Susan Elliott's online course. I almost had the needlebook finished at the end of November. It got put on hold because I had one more beaded birthday present to make and then the pre-Christmas rush hit.

Hari-kuyo is the Japanese Festival of Broken Needles where needleworkers lay their broken needles and pins to rest in gratitude for good service. To honour this tradition, the needlebook has a piece of felt inside the back cover especially for broken needles.

In Susan's design the ties are wrapped with thread and then with ribbon. I had used green and pink thread to finish the flowers at the end of the ties, so I used both thread colours to wrap and rather liked the effect. For now I I haven't added the ribbon wrapping but I may do it later. I made the labels by printing cotton lawn fabric, which I sewed into a tube.


Anonymous said...

Wow that is a serious needle book. Don't think I have ever broken a hand needle or does blunt count as broken? I have a couple which are seriously malformed but the bend if anything enhances their performance. Looks really good. I especially like the tie ends. Stephanie

Cath said...

It's the beading needles I tend to break, when I try and do one pass too many through a single bead!