Thursday, 10 May 2012

Eyeglass case - finished

The eyeglass case was actually made up at the end of last year. In the end, I found some burgundy cotton velvet which was a reasonable colour match.  I was keen to get it done because I was close to finishing Calm Flow and I didn't want to have a queue of pieces waiting to be made up - I have enough UFOs/WIPs. To persuade myself to get on with it, I decided to do just one construction step each evening and after a week it was done. I was dreading cutting around the beadwork, especially the notches around the corners but by thinking "Tonight I'm just going to do xxx and no more", I got over the fear.


coral-seas said...

Great finish and lovely beading. I am beginning to get a back log of UFO's both Calm Flow and Poppy Pouch are waiting to be made up. Technically, so if Floral Melody, but I left that at the JEC to have the finishing done by the professionals!

Have you begun Poppy Pouch and/or Hanazume?

Cath said...

Thank you. Hanazume is about half way done - I am enjoying doing it but I do need to feel awake and alert when I work on it. I hope to start the Poppy Pouch soon - that should be a bit easier to do in the evenings.