Friday, 2 September 2011

Small to Tall

This time it's another quilting project -a height chart for Hayden. The design is "Small To Tall" by Kids Quilts. Jen and Graeme chose the pattern at the Festical of Quilts last year. The measuring tape should have been hand embroidered but I decided it would be easier to digitize an embroidery design for the sewing machine. It was pretty accurate when I embroidered the strip but despite the stabilizer on the back of the fabric, it still managed to stretch when I sewed it to the inner border. I think it's about 2cm out overall. The 2" squares of fabric in the border were from the remainders of a "Dinosaur Uproar"jelly roll I used to make a quilt for Christopher. You don't really see the dinosaurs in the squares - there's just the odd hint of a tail. There's also some snakes in some of the squares, from the Silly Safari fabric I'd used on the back of Christopher's quilt. After quilting around the applique, I decided the background needed some wandering stems with leaves . So I finally managed to put all those free motion quilting classes to good use.

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